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Daiwik School Management System software is designed to maintain the complete working structure of a school. The software is intended minutely taking care of every single aspect of the administrative and management functions in a school or any other educational institute.

The application covers every possible step to keep a proper track of the staffs and student. The entire control is vested with the admin panel. There are different types of features available in the software, which provides the scope of managing the activities of the school in the best possible way.

At Daiwik Software, we design the most user-friendly School Management System software for your institute. We understand the importance of managing your school correctly, and so have developed the software keeping in mind the prerequisites.


Timetable And Scheduling

The detailed schedules of every standard and every student are available via this software. This helps the parents to keep track of the activities in school as well as the curriculum as and how it progresses. Any changes in the regular schedule will be notified to the respective student.

Hostel Management

The activities of a hostel can also be easily managed efficiently with the help of this software. The supervisor or hostel warden’s task becomes much more simplified.

Creating Transcripts

Create transcripts exclusively for your institute and keep them safe and secure with a school management software. With the integrated database for the students and faculty, you can simply fill in the details in the transcripts for any student or faculty you wish. The software makes things simpler and faster.

Keeping Record of the Fees

Keeping track of the various fees schedule, managing payments, and receipts, and sending notices for bills that are yet to be paid is an essential activity that is sorted out with the School Management System software.

Email Or Text Messaging

Keeping the channels of communication open is helpful in maintaining the relationship between the teachers and the students. Any notifications sent directly through the means of an email or text message will enable the students and their parents to stay updated about the current happenings and never miss out on anything significant.

School Bus Tracking

As a parent, you must be wary of the whereabouts of your child, and this system helps you with notifying about the position of the school in which your child is traveling. You can track the location of the bus and get notified once your child reaches school safely.

Courses and Programs

The different classes and programs are mentioned with the help of this software. Any person can readily get a hold of the programs offered by the institute with the aid of this software.

Business Intelligence And Reporting

An interactive database containing all the details about all the students can be found in one place with the help of this School Management Software. You can see every single aspect of a particular student like his or her address, grades, contact information, medical history and the accounts related to the specific student too. Parents can also get to know about the ranks, homework, achievements, and attendance of their ward through this software.

Online Examination

Conducting exams will become more simplified and more accessible with the online mode. Taking advantage of online tracking of testing, the faculties can maintain the records of the examination easily without misplacing them.

Portal For Parents

With the help of a School Management Software, parents can stay connected to their wards even in school and keep in touch with the teachers as and when required. This ensures that the parents take active participation in the academics of their children.

Library Management

The software helps in the control of the catalog of a library. Keeping track of the records of all the books available in the library becomes quite simplified. The librarian no longer needs to worry about misplacing books or confusing the location of the books. Every record of selling and issuing of books is taken note of.

Faculty Management

Mismanagement of the faculty can create chaos at times. The school management software helps in maintaining all the vital details of every faculty member in a digital format.

Students Help Desk

In case of any issues that a student faces during or after the school hours, he can ask his parents to register at the help desk or do so on his own and report his problems. The management is notified about this instantly, and the issues are looked into immediately.

Public Relation

A good public connection creates a healthy communication between the school and the parents. This, in turn, creates a good understanding between them and a smooth functioning of the administration.

Online Attendance Marker

Marking attendance is entirely web-based and therefore there are minimal chances of misplacing the records.

E Admission

Supervising the registration and also answering queries is only possible with E-admission techniques that allow an individual to take up the process of admission online with ease and less trouble.

Why Choose Us

At Daiwik Software, we develop applications and software that help in managing the working system of the school without hampering the workplace environment. We customise the software depending on the requirements of the client and design one that is user-friendly as well.