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Mobile applications have evolved in a lot of ways.With the advancement in technology, apps have become an essential tool in business communication. Mobile apps can help organizations to connect and engage with their customers.

Mobile applications play a vital role in attracting new consumers and retaining old ones.Also, it can be used to promote brand awareness and increase the company’s sales.Businesses need that competitive edge to survive in the market.

It can be said that these mobile apps are the future of every big or small business.With the increasing popularity of mobile apps, this industry is also expanding. Many companies are offering mobile app development services clients ofvaried niche. In your search for top mobile app development company in Kolkata you are sure to come across the name Daiwik Software Pvt. Ltd.

Why Trust Daiwik Software

Types of Mobile App Development Services

Android App Development Services

Nowadays, mobile apps have changed how business organizations interact and engage with their customers.Among these apps, Android apps are the most popular among mobile users all over the world.The apps can be downloaded and installed from Google Play Store.

According to a recent study, Android apps have more market share(88 percent) than iOS and other apps.Therefore, a lot of devices, including mobiles, health trackers, and smartwatches, are powered by these apps.

IOS App Development Services

The quality and efficiency of a business can be improved with ERP.

Recent statistics show, over 200 billion iOS apps are downloaded all over the world. Do you own a business? Do you want to gain a competitive advantage over others? Then you must have an iOS app for your business. Why?

A study shows that iOS apps have offered $26 billion in revenues, which is 85% percent more Android apps. According to app developers, the iOS platform is a “fun playground to code.” Usually, these apps are developed using Objective C.

Hybrid App Development Services

Hybrid mobile apps combine the concepts of native apps and web apps. Native applications are developed for a specific platform, and they will not run in any other platform or device.

Web apps, on the other hand, operate in a web browser and are stored in remote servers. So, hybrid apps are “best of both the worlds.”Hybrid apps are installed on devices, just like Android and iOS apps.

Benefits of mobile apps

Mobile apps can help companies identify target audiences

Apps can keep track of customer data, such as their buying habits and preferences. If you want to enhance the app’s targeting capacity, you can opt for better targeting options such as geo-location tracking.

Increased sales and brand recognition

Mobile apps can increase a company’s sales and its revenues and profits. Also, these apps can increase a firm’s visibility and brand recognition. Increased brand recognition can offer a competitive advantage to companies.

Mobile apps can improve communication

It should be noted that these apps can enhance the quality of communication between company executives and clients. Improved communication can help company officials to offer better customer satisfaction and ensurecustomer engagement and loyalty.

Availability and profitability

Mobile apps are always available, just like corporate websites. It means more excellent sales and business opportunities for an enterprise. Increased sales will mean increased company profits and revenues.

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