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The real-time management of core business issues with the help of software and technology is termed as Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP.The processes involved in ERP are product planning, manufacturing, marketing, sales, materials management, inventory management, retail, shipping, and finance.In short, ERP is categorized as business management software.The software is beneficial for every organization as it helps in a collection, storage, management and interpretation of data.

ERP software helps in maintaining a database management system to keep the databases up to date. It tracks the business assets and checks the status of the business obligations.The data is shared across all the departments in the organization and also between stakeholders. With an efficient ERP system, your business will be assured of error-free transactions and production, in return keeping the progress of the company going.It is, therefore, important to develop a proper ERP software that can be used in any computer hardware and network configurations.


Daiwik software has an experienced technical team that helps in designing Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) Software to assist you in simplifying and reorganizing complex business processes.We offer a cloud based support system for your business to enable the reduction in ownership and operational costs.

Our software developers work towards providing advanced business intelligence solutions, accounting software and similar tools for improving your business.Daiwik Software designs customised ERP Software that suits your business requirement best and allows you to stay ahead of your competitors.No matter what your business size is, or what sector you deal in, we have solutions for all these under the same roof.

Our developers are experienced enough to make the state of the art software and that too within a budget that is suitable for you.You get the best services from us at the most reasonable charges.


The primary functions of ERP software are integrated system, real-time operation, common database supporting all applications, a consistent looking module, and installation of data integration applications.Daiwik Software designs ERP software that deals with areas like finance and accounting, management accounting, human resources, manufacturing, order processing, supply chain management, project management, customer relationship management, and data services.


The quality and efficiency of a business can be improved with ERP.

The internal business processes are executed in a hassle free way with effective ERP Software for your business from the house of Daiwik Software.

Upper-level management will be provided by ERP by supplying data for decision making. The business easily adapts to changes as the ERP software makes the control of the company more flexible. We help you improve the data security of your business enterprise to ensure that the confidential data is not jeopardized. Opportunities for collaboration are increased with ERP software.

The most significant advantage of acquiring an ERP software from Daiwik Software is that it saves both time and expense by integrating many business processes.



We help you in enhancing the productivity of your business by developing the perfect ERP software, which is built by our enthusiastic team of professionals. We ensure that the growth of your business is consistent, and this is our primary objective as a whole. With Daiwik Software you can envisage success as your business’s productivity will become steady with the ERP software built by us. We prepare an utterly secured project management software that will enable a flawless transfer of essential data in the company. We make sure that your business grows confidently.


Accounting And Finance

Daiwik Software provides ERP Software with advanced accounting skills to increase your productivity. We take care of your accounting needs as well as calculate ROI, payroll expenses, etc. with a single click.

Sales And Customer Management

Daiwik Software is a prominent name in the field of developing ERP software for improving business processes and increasing productivity with competent management of sales.

HR And Payroll

With our ERP software, you can easily manage payroll and human resource functions.

Business Intelligence And Reporting

We offer perceptive and spontaneous reports to aid in the interpretation of your business data with our ERP software. We also prepare business intelligence reports to assess critical metrics for your organizational needs.

Purchasing And Supplier Management

The ERP software developed at Daiwik Software provides the sales team in your company with an accurate and updated purchase and supply information. Now you would not have to worry about the tracking of purchase or supply data.

Inventory Management And Warehousing

We help you with software that performs real-time inventory tracking, as well as improvement of the business process.

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