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Daiwik Software is a leading Call Center Agency Handling all sorts of Customer Support, Sales, or Back Office Processing functions.Our company deals with clients spread across different parts of the world and also take up projects on an outsourcing basis.An experienced team of professional people answers calls emails or messages on behalf of your company. We provide the best solutions to minimize costs, increase sales, and maximize your business scalability..

Outsourcing your projects to a trusted third-party like us will help you upgrade to the latest technologies in business development. We set up Help Desks on Your Behalf to answer queries your client may have about any technical issue.We cover a wide range of client base like computing to consumer electronics and several others. We also conduct Marketing Calls to Boost Your Company’s Sales. Let us guide you through a detailed list of services we offer at Daiwik Software


An inbound customer service provides customers with a single point of contact for all their queries.Whatever the work be – making a payment, registering a purchase or obtaining product information- customers just need to call on a single number.The prerequisite of every call center service is agents with technical knowledge.Customers will appreciate the convenience of the process if they receive an appropriate response.

At Daiwik Software, we offer inbound call center services that are professional, flexible as well as cost-effective.You can trust us with valuable information about your company and rely on our services for the positive development of your business.It is essential that you get a prompt inbound customer care service to have a good name in the market and thus you will no doubt need our expert services. Skilled professionals are ready at all times to assist your clients with the latest telecommunication software.


Outbound customer service improves the productivity of the client and strengthens customer relationships by increasing contact and enhancing the quality of customer experience.Calling a customer for feedback and opinion after a product is sold to him or a service rendered, shows that you are concerned about them and reflects your quality of services offered.It is essential to maintain a follow-up.

At Daiwik Software, we provide first-class outbound services and our proficiency.We follow a goal-oriented process that has shown efficiently results.We aim to maximise your business’ Return on Investment and generate leads using existing or targeted databases.These leads are converted into sales.We arrange for focused marketing campaigns for products, help you grow your client base and create brand awareness. We also identify new markets for your products or services.

We offer several other Call Centre services at Daiwik Software Customized to meet your special requirements. You can check the website or you may Connect with us to discuss the services.